Thursday, April 7, 2011

My First Blog Post!

So why in the world would my first blog be called "CrossFit Fashionista"??? Well, that is what is recently going on in my life. Not really much to it :-) I am creating this blog for the new opportunities that have recently appeared in my life. The first is CrossFit Training. This is my mountain I plan to overcome. I have been working out for many years now, and have been quite comfortable in my particular work-out style. I few days ago I made an "Executive Decision" to challenge myself. Go outside my box and comfort zone...and this work-out is it!!!! I can tell you, I am afraid and dreading the first day(this Saturday). This blog will help me stay with the program and report on how the workouts are going. Now part II of this blog is about Fashion! For many years I have been trying to talk myself in creating my own business and become a personal stylist/shopper. Every year I start with concepts, web design, and marketing ideas. Every year I back out :-( So I will not allow the fear of failing get in my way this time. I guess in Summary this blog is about acheiving my Goals, and sharing the journey to obtaining them. That's all folks!!! WINNER!!!!!!